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We value substance, clarity, style, and originality. Our tight-knit team is made up of 25 talented and

enthusiastic individuals. If you have the qualities listed above, we might be fortunate to add you in our

fabulous team.

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Open Positions:

Sales Training -

We would include live sales sessions where we would work on real-time queries, think on our feet and help our clients book their dream trips. You must understand that spending 1 lac rupees for a holiday is a big decision and hence require a deep understanding on our part. Our customers are supreme and we place them at the highest stead and treat their holiday plans with utmost respect.

Destination Training -

We would cover in-depth knowledge of some destinations, work with live queries, make and customise itineraries. We will share tips and tricks of what sells in a particular destination. With this knowledge you are sure to vow our customers and add immense value to their travel plans.

Product Training -

Gotrippyy has built a unique, one-of-a-kind product where making, customising and selling holidays are just clicks. The product is efficient, simple and it works. It just needs your destination destinations and sales attitude.