Trekking in Himachal Pradesh,India

The state of Himachal Pradesh has a lot to offer when it comes to the serene landscapes of the mountains and valleys. The best way to experience the natural beauty is to trek. When you say goodbye to all the luxuries you have earned and you give away all your strength to nature instead of huge infrastructures. We present you the best treks of Himachal that are worth trying in a lifetime..

Triund trek:- 

Difficulty level- Easy

Maximum elevation- 4,324 meters

Triund is like a jewel to Dharamsala. Triund trek stands still amongst the most scenic treks of Himachal Pradesh that is tailored for the newbies. The short trek of 9 km which begins from Dharamkot. This can easily be completed in 5-6 hours. The trek offers the amazing beauty with the magnificent  Dhauladhar ranges on one side and the beautiful Kangra valley on the other. If you are one of those adventure freaks who wish to take their journey a notch above you can move in the direction of Indrahar pass which lies 17 km ahead of Triund. The scenario of the trek takes a rough change from here. The trek will become difficult but exceptionally beautiful at the same time.

Best time to go  for this trek is in the month of May-June and September- November.

Hampta Pass trek:- 

Difficulty level- Moderate

Maximum elevation- 4,400 m

The trail that begins from the Rambagh circle in Manali.  You can find the sceneries of lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains  and the variety of flora and fauna throughout the trek. The snow covering the majestic beauty of the Himalayan ranges makes the scenery even more sceinic to the eyes. The trek of 26 km can be easily covered in 6 days. The end point of Hampta pass trek is Chhatru, which offers the spectacular convergence of Hampta pass, Spiti valley, and Rohtang pass.

Best time to visit- May- June and August- September.

Bhrigu Lake trek:-

Description: Top 13 treks that Himachal Pradesh has to offer you-3

Difficulty level- Easy to moderate

Maximum elevation- 4,270 m

The scenery of Bhrigu Lake trek begins from the base camp in Manali. Snuggled in the upper Kullu valley and east of Rohtang pass, this trek will give you the sights of various landscapes of Kullu, Solang valley, and Rohtang pass. The massive green fields and snow- loaded mountains of Pir Panjal ranges and Dhauladhar ranges are another amusements that this trek has to offer. In the four days, you will cover the distance of 45 km. If the weather is in your favour, you will not be easily tired. The trek ends at the picturesque alpine lake- Bhrigu lake and offers the fantastical view of the snow carpet all around.

The best time to go for this trek is May- June and September- November.

Deo Tibba base camp trek:-

Description: Top 13 treks that Himachal Pradesh has to offer you-4

Difficulty level- Moderate

Maximum elevation- 4,480 m

Deo Tibba trek is known to offer the  views of the green pastures of the Gaddi shepherds, the majestic view of Mt. Deo Tibba with its white ice glaciers and clean blue waters of the lake Chandertal. The trek starts from  Manali. Total distance of the trek is 55 km which can easily be covered in 4-5 days.  Deo Tibba base rests peacefully at a height of 4,480 m. On the trail you can enjoy a huge variety of flowers blooming up in the meadows, the snow covered mountains and the fresh lakes originating from the  glaciers. 

The best time to enjoy this scenic trek is May to October.

Malana village trek:-

Description: Top 13 treks that Himachal Pradesh has to offer you-5

Difficulty level- Easy

Maximum elevation- 3,360 m

Malana is situated on a remote plateau by the side of the torrential Malana river, at a height of 2,652 metres (8,701 ft) above sea level. The trek to Malana village begins from Jari from where you can take a 45 minutes cab ride to the entrance of the village. This 5 km trek can be covered in 1-2 hour depending on your body strength. The end point of the trek is Malana village where you can feel the smell of cannabis in the air.

Best time to enjoy the trek to this secluded planet is April- July and September- November. Despite being a part of the Kullu valley, there is a myth that the Malanis have very distinct physical features, and a dialect which is different from the rest of the valley. However, in the valleys of Himachal, there are a significant number of distinct Pahadi dialects, some of them totally different from each other.Make sure you do not touch anything in Malana village.

Tosh Valley trek:-

Description: Top 13 treks that Himachal Pradesh has to offer you-6

Difficulty level- Easy

Maximum elevation-  4560 m

The trek to Tosh valley begins from Barshaini. The tough and rocky roads pave a way for this 5 km trek that will require you to climb only uphill in search of the landscapes of the river, waterfalls, green valleys and snow-covered mountains standing in pride in the backdrop. The short 45 minutes will help you find beautiful sceneries all around give you strength  you need on the way to Tosh Valley.

Best season to visit is from the month of March to May.

If you an adventure freak You can extend your trek to Pin Parvati valley and Kheer Ganga that begins from Tash Valley.

Chandrakhani Pass trek:-

Description: Top 13 treks that Himachal Pradesh has to offer you-7

Difficulty level- Moderate

Maximum elevation- 3650 m

On the trek to Chandrakhani pass you will start the journey from Kullu valley with the spectacular view of Pir Panjal ranges, thick vegetation of pine and fir and culture of Himachal . The trek of 22 km can be covered in 4-5 days. The end point of the trek is Chandrakhani pass which will  you into its world of segregation with the sceinic view of snow covered mountains and the huge pasture land wearing a green carpet.

Best time to go for this trek is May-July and for those who wish to trek amidst the snow carpet, November-March would be the best time.

Pin Parvati trek:-

Description: Top 13 treks that Himachal Pradesh has to offer you-8

Difficulty level- Difficult

Maximum elevation- 5334 m

People who thought of trekking to be an easy task, Pin Parvati trek would prove you wrong by challenging your guts. The struggle with the changing weather, rugged mountains, and the  climb on the freezing land, this trek will ask for all your inner strength. The 100 km trek that begins its journey from the peaceful Kullu valley requires you to dedicate 10-11 days to the Himalayan ranges. The trek may not be easy but the natural beauty that will accompany you throughout will make the journey worth all the pain. The end point of the trek is Pin valley which will welcome you to a variety of flora and fauna, and the fascinating view of mountains that will enlighten up your soul.

Best time to go for this trek is July to September

Don’t forget to click the beautiful sceneries of sunrise and sunset during this trek..


Trek to the moon lake- Chandra Tal:-

Description: Top 13 treks that Himachal Pradesh has to offer you-9

 Difficulty level- Easy

Maximum elevation- 4267 m

If you have always dreamt to see the stars and beauty of nature under the moonlight, then this trek is best for you. The trek begins from the Batal base camp that lies at a distance of 114 km from Manali. You can take a cab to reach the base camp which will take your 5-6 hours. The short trek of 5 km can be covered in 6-7 hours. This trek will introduce you to the Hampta pass, the land of Lahaul and Spiti and finally the delightfull Chandra Tal which offers the best look under the full moon light.

Best time to go for this trek is during the period of June to September when you can beat the summer heat with the chilling weather of the Himalayan ranges.

Sar Pass trek:-

Description: Top 13 treks that Himachal Pradesh has to offer you-10

Difficulty level- Moderate which changes to difficult in the snowy regions

Maximum elevation- 4206 m

If you had ever thought to enjoy the complete beauty of Himachal Pradesh on one single trek, then Sar Pass is the best suited tour. This trek can enlighten every soul with its beautiful scenic enroute attractions that change its phase after every few kilometres. The trek that begins from the - Kasol will keep on astonishing you with its varying landscapes. From the Pine and Deodar trees in the valley of Kasol to the steep climbs, the refreshing meadows where you could set up your tents and the snow covered Sar Pass as the end point. This 48 km trek can be completed in 4-5 days .

Best time to enjoy this  trek is May to October.

Kheer Ganga trek:-

Description: Top 13 treks that Himachal Pradesh has to offer you-11

Difficulty level- Easy 

Maximum elevation- 3,000 m

Kheerganga trek is one of the easiest treks in Himachal Pradesh.In order to start your trek you need to reach the Barshaini dam site which is the starting point of this trek.The sceneries of green lush vegetation in Parvati valley will not let you stop your feet until you reach your destination. Kheer Ganga trek is considered as one of the  most peaceful treks that Himachal has to offer. This 12 km trek that begins from the Barsheni has a lot of natural beauty of mountains to offer. You will find many en-route attractions like rudranaag waterfall and apple orchards during the trek.The trek can be wind up in 4-5 hours. The highest point of the trek is Kheer Ganga which welcomes you with a hot-water spring. Taking a bathe in the natural hot water spring will rejuvenate you and you will forget all the tiredness.

Best time to visit is April-July

Beas Kund:-

Description: Top 13 treks that Himachal Pradesh has to offer you-12

Difficulty level- Easy to Moderate 

Maximum elevation- 3700 m

The trek that starts from the famous Solang valley near Manali will fascinate you with the beautiful water bodies of Himachal Pradesh. This trek is suitable for all those who have just begun their adventure journey and do not wish to challenge themselves . A short trek of 16 km can be covered in 2 days. The end point of the trek is the Beas Kund and the glacier that feeds the fierce water of River Beas. With the beauty of valleys of Kullu and Manali,  waterfalls and the magnificence of Pir Panjal ranges , this trek will keep you connected with nature throughout.

Best time to for this trek is May to October

Kareri Lake Trek

Description: Top 13 treks that Himachal Pradesh has to offer you-13

Difficulty level- Easy to moderate

Maximum elevation- 3,330 m

The melting snow from the Dhauladhar ranges is the main source of blue waters of the lake. For this easy graded trek, you have to start your journey from the Ghera village which lies at a distance of 20 km from Dharamshala. After reaching the Triund. this trek will further take you on a trail to the green meadows and lakes that rest untouched by human civilization. The trek of 34 km can be covered in 2 days. Your trek ends at  Kareri village with the Dhauladhar ranges in the backdrop, where you can set your tents for the night to appreciate the moon- lit Kareri lake.

Best time to go for this trek is March-June and October -November.

*The main attraction of the trek lies in the Lam Dal lake which apart from mesmerizing you with its grand beauty also holds the religious importance. You can set your tents in for the night to spend a night on the banks of this holy river. The stone caves around the lake add the unique element to your experience.

Things to carry

1.Suitable and waterproof backpack.

2.Trekking gear,sleeping bags and mats,ropes and trekking stick.

3.Jackets.proper shoes. Towels and handkerchiefs,extra part of socks.undergarments

4.Torch with extra cells.

5.Basic medicines,first aid kit,match box or lighter,insect repellent.

6.Chocolates or energy drinks depending upon the length of the trek.

7. Knife


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