Places in India worth visiting to celebrate Holi

Holi,is a word once pronounced reminds multi coloured faces and colours all around. It’s one of a unique festival celebrated all over  India in different ways. Different traditions and their varying ways of celebrating this festival of colour cab be found in different states and cities.

We bring you the top destinations where Holi is not only celebrated as a blend of colours but also a blend of traditions and religious myths.These places are a must to visit if you really wish to feel the warmth of the innocent Indian hearts. This is the festival where people meet with each other forgetting all their past frictions. It is said that during Holi celebration, people forget all their past fights and disputes and scrub gulal/colour on each other’s faces.

Krishna Leela at Mathura and Vrindavan

Holi has a special significance in Mathura, which is the birth place of Lord krishna and Vrindavan.where he spent his childhood days on the banks of Yamuna river. Holi is considered as to be started by lord Krishna and is celebrated in all the temples associated with him.


 The famous Ras leela is performed and people throw flowers and dry colours on each other by chanting Radhe-Radhe.

Latth Maar Holi in Brasana

Barsana is a small town fifty kilometres from Mathura and is associated with lord Krishna and his beloved Sri Radha Ji. Holi is celebrated here in a totally different and unique way,which iss famous as “latth maar holi”. Women with bamboo sticks in their hand resist men in a playful way who want to colour them .Men rushing towards them to colour them with coloured water and women resisting their efforts with their handy laths. This view is a must to watch if you are in Mathura during holi celebration.

Elephant festival and Holi in Jaipur.

Holi in Rajasthan’s capital (Jaipur) is an aweome  event with the popular Elephant Festival, which takes place a day before Holi. On this day, colourfully dressed elephants are led in a magnificent procession through the streets of Jaipur and are later involved in various entertaining activities including elephant polo, elephant races and a tug of war. The celebration ends with the playing of colours and a fireworks display.

The festival is a huge draw for tourists to the city.

International  Holi in Rishikesh

Apart from all the traditional methods of celebrating Holi at different locations of India, You will see a different style of celebrating Holi in Rishikesh. Multi coloured faces of Indian guys and girls from different parts of the country, you will also see many tourists from other countries.

You can see their multi-coloured faces with gulal in their hands and wishing Holi to everyone who comes in their way. You get an awesome feeling when you see foreigners and Indian people both spreading love and peace.. They don’t bother where you are an outsider or a localide. They just come with a motive to enjoy the colourful Holi in a peaceful way..

After playing colourful Holi,You can also go to a nearest and most interesting tourist spot that is Neer waterfall which is in multi steps.This place is a perfect Picnic Spot.When we were on the first level of waterfall,we saw none more level.When we reached at 2nd level.We saw one more level. When we reached at 3rd level, we asked someone about the source of that waterfall.The person told us there is one more bigger waterfall above that level in Neer village and we can also camp there.

So, next time you plan a weekend trip on Holi,You must try visiting Rishikesh. I will certainly advise you to book your rooms in advance. Many a times you can’t find rooms due to  n no of tourists coming to Rishikesh these days due to its proximity to the national capital.

Holi celebration in Varanasi

Varanasi is called as the city of Lord Shiva. Celebration of Holi in Varanasi is very fascinating and exciting one due to the carefree vibes all across the city. Speaking of Shiva, bhaang is a common ingredient to add some fun to Holi. It is offered in the form of ‘thandai’ (a milk based drink) or ladoos, during the festival. It is better to take this in reasonable proportions with people that you are comfortable with. Many youngsters offers Thandai to travellers and request them to join the celebration.

In the evening when people are tired of   colouring each other, you can visit the ghats which is found to be multi coloured. Holi is never complete without gujia and other sweets. Stock up on these from one of the oldest sweet shops of Varanasi, Shribandhu, in Kachauri Gali. If you are staying near Dashashwamedh ghat, this is walking distance.

Tribal celebrations in Banswara

Banswara, a small town near Udaipur in Rajasthan, is a tribal stronghold and an erstwhile princely state. The Holi celebrations here are a unique display of the culture and traditions of the Bhil tribe. On this day the Bhils, dressed in all their festive finery, perform the beautiful Ghair traditional dance around a huge bonfire. Visitors can visit Banswara from Udaipur..




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