About Us

Our Story

We started as travel enthusiasts, measuring all over the world and watching the traveller's difficulties due to lack of knowledge and transparency. That worked as a catalyst for us to start Gotrippy Holidays.

At gotrippy we believe there is a better way to travel around world. A more adventurous and peaceful at the same time where people relax and enjoy a few days away from their work life.

We focus on complete peace of mind while travelling which we do by optimizing even the minute details of travel plan. Travel packages are one of the least understood aspect of travel industry and we aspire to bring transparency in it.

We Provide:

  • Holiday Packages
  • Activities
  • Cab Service

How does it work?

We have agreements with various service providers across the world and our deal makers get a bargain price for every service thanks to their experience in deal making. Thus providing the services with the best price available in market.

Why Us?

Right from the moment you get in touch with us we will be accessible 24h/365 days a year on your service.

Gotrippy spends a large sum of money in research and development to explore enriching but yet unknown destinations for their clients. Our R&D team is always on hunt for creating new products in different forms and innovating new ideas to implement the use of these products for our guests.

Apart from service deliver in terms of making all the bookings and arrangements our primary focus is on safety of our guest. We keep a radar for our guest to always have a look on where about of our guest to ensure that they are completely safe.

Our Mission

Bring transparency in travel services and provide people a few enjoyable days from their hectic life.

Our Promise

We deliver hassle free services with the best trade-off between cost and experience.